Hi my name is Robert Bussey, a former guitar teacher at Charlotte Academy Of Music as well as a touring / performing guitarist and recording artist.

During my 30 years of teaching I have had on occasion a student show up for their lesson with a brand new 7 string guitar. This has posed the challenge for me to instantly come up with something creative to do with that extra string such as taking well known 6 string riffs and transposing them to the 7 string. This might work in a pinch but doesn't adequately set a foundation for future lessons that are 7 string oriented. True there are some 7 string instructional resources available that I guide the student through, but once we complete the book, where to from there? 

A couple of years ago when one of my students showed up as the proud owner of a new Schecter 7 string, I decided then there would no longer be this thing of passing the guitar back and forth over Dream Theater riffs. I went out and picked up a $200 Jackson and to my surprise it quickly became one of my favorite guitars not only in terms of bang for my buck, but how quickly new creative avenues opened up and new 7 string inspired music began to flow from my finger tips (as will be revealed on my new forthcoming album in which the 7 string will play a vital role).

Enter the pandemic of 2020 and the need to pivot to online lessons. This lead me to begin creating a lesson plan for my current 7 string student using Guitar Pro 7 that I could share on screen and then email a PDF to him following the lesson. After a few weeks of this, I suddenly realized that the 7s were lining up and I was inadvertently creating a 7 string guitar course worthy of bringing to the marketplace that others could benefit from. And so here we are... now available to you subscribers that want to launch into the 7 string universe, I give you this site "Learn 7 String Guitar" along with my Flagship Course "Life On 7 Strings"!